Gmat Official Guide 10Th Edition

doko - Gmat Official Guide 10Th Edition

This booklet contains the questions that were used to derive scores on the edition of the Graduate Management
Admission Test (GMAT®) with test code 14. If the first two digits of the test code on your answer sheet (item 5 on Side 1) are not 14, please contact ETS to send you the correct booklet to match your answer sheet. The answer key follows the test questions. This booklet also contains instructions for calculating raw scores corrected for guessing. These are followed by unique tables for converting raw scores to the reported scaled scores for test code 14.
In this edition of the GMAT, the following essay and multiple-choice sections contributed to your scores:
Analytical Writing Assessment
Essay 1
Essay 2
Verbal Assessment
Section 1
Section 4
Section 6
Analysis of an Issue
Analysis of an Argument
Critical Reasoning
Reading Comprehension
Sentence Correction
Quantitative Assessment
Section 3
Section 5
Section 7
Data Sufficiency
Problem Solving
Problem Solving
GMAT Total

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